Top 5 List of the Most Popular Soccer Players in the World

The most popular sport of all times is soccer. The 3.5 Billion fans all over the world will agree with that fact. Different fans from different parts of the world will have different lists of most popular players, but we will keep with this list, for now.

5 Most Popular Soccer Players

1. Lionel Messi: Without a doubt, is Lionel Messi the solid definition of a soccer icon. He has taken the world by storm with his tremendous performance in 2010, which made him a king of many hearts. This FC Barcelona soccer player also had a brilliant performance in the FIFA Worldcup of 2014. Lionel Messi definitely makes the list for most popular soccer players of all times.

2. Christiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo has managed to score 369 goals in the UEFA European Championship and is seen as the most versatile player when it comes to soccer. Playing for Real Madrid, he is also one of the players that scored the greatest goals of all time. His fan following around the world and on the internet makes him worthy of the most popular soccer players’ list.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: He is Swedish and plays as a forward. Ibrahimovic is known to be the most-well-rounded and one of the strongest football players in the history of soccer. He is an acrobatic player and left thousands of people awestruck with his bicycle kick goal. He is also known for his excellent personality. He is currently a free agent.

4. Neymar Da Silva Santos: At the young age of 25, he has been conquering the hearts of many fans with his extraordinary play. Hitting the ground for soccer, he has amazing speed, agility and acceleration. He is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team as a forward.

5. Wayne Rooney: His abilities are valuable assets, and his talent is one which cannot be questioned. Even though his popularity decreased in recent years, he is still one of the most popular soccer players. Rooney is the Captain of the English Football Team and he plays for Everton.

Soccer is a favourite sport for many people all over the world, and many lists exist that feature star football players. This list only features 5 of the top most famous soccer players in the world.

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