Luxury Homes

Famous Football Players and their Luxury Homes from all over the world

Soccer Players, or Footballers, are some of the highest earning athletes in the world. They often have lots of cash to spend on extravagant purchases that catch the news headlines. The choices and some of the purchases, of the more eccentric stars of football, are often called into question.

Some of the top players, stars, have bought properties that could only be described as ‘quirky.’ Not surprising is that most of the homes that made the ‘quirky’ and most expensive homes lists belong to well-known stars who played in the major leagues for a number of years. These football players had accumulated considerable wealth through the years.
The homes that made the list were considered through looking at a number of criteria; including appearance features, cost, and eccentricity. The list features some of the most wealthy football players in the game.

List of 14 Cool and Crazy Footballers’ Houses

This list feature homes with extravagant luxury and others with the most beautiful amenities, and then, the ‘quirky’, eccentric few, too.

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses

The houses featured here, are some of the most luxurious and extravagant purchases. Footballers certainly do not lack the ability to live a fancy life.

Another Top 10 List of Famous Footballers’ Outstanding Homes

Each of these lists shows the most expensive houses, owned by footballers, and situated all over the world.

Some homes made it to more than one list, but all in all, these 3 lists are good examples of the Luxurious and extravagant homes that star footballers choose to live in.